HydroLearn Virtual Hackathon

The HydroLearn project hosted a two-week virtual hackathon for hydrology and water resources instructors to participate in the development of online learning resources that can serve the larger community. Following a “hackathon” approach, the workshop brought together more than 30 faculty members from 28 universities across the US and one international institution. During the hackathon, the participants collaborated remotely and co-created educational resources that support the increased focus on online teaching, but can also serve the transition back to in-class learning by harnessing ongoing efforts to develop effective digital teaching resources. The workshop included training on the development of resources using research-based pedagogical approaches. The hackathon resulted in the development of a total of 14 modules co-developed collaboratively by groups of 2-3 participants.


Very soon we will be able to announce our new cohort of fellows and the modules they have developed. Check back here for more information!

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